Taking the Lead: Integra Solar Pakistan Signs MoU with Tongwei Solar

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Taking the Lead: Integra Solar Pakistan Signs MoU with Tongwei Solar 

Integra Solar Pakistan, one of the leading players in the renewable energy sector of Pakistan, has signed an MOU with China’s company Tongwei Solar Co., Ltd (the world’s leading supplier of Solar PV solutions) for the supply of 100MW solar panels in the Pakistani market.

We are pleased to announce a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Integra solar and Tongwei Solar Co., Ltd. This MoU enables us to collectively develop a robust and sustainable supply chain, aiming to make our planet greener.

Integra’s years of experience, global relationships, and a solid reputation have helped it expand into new markets. Integra is a leading distributor of solar products in Pakistan, offering a variety of solutions to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers.

Integra Solar Energy’s partnership with Tongwei will provide its customers with access to some of the most advanced solar products available on the market today. The Group’s successful history in Australia has turned toward the rest of the world with its launch of Integra solar in Pakistan.

Integra Energy Group is a leading solar energy solutions provider. The company was established in Australia and now operates globally, with offices in Pakistan and Australia. Integra Solar has built a formidable reputation for providing high-quality products with the highest performance levels.

The company’s focus on quality ensures that its modules offer superior performance over their lifetime while also providing customers with a valuable return on investment.

Why Integra is Partnering with Tongwei Solar

With a manufacturing capacity of 30 GW, TW Solar is the largest global manufacturer of solar cells. The company—founded in 1985 and has captured an amazing 12% market share—supplies photovoltaic panels to all leading first-tier companies worldwide.

Tongwei specializes in manufacturing high-quality solar cells that leading brands use. The company mines and refines 80,000 tons of silicon yearly to produce more than twenty gigawatts of crystalline photovoltaic modules.

TW Solar has dedicated itself to the research, manufacture, and marketing core solar components. Integra Solar is proud to be Pakistan’s first distributor of TW Modules on our continent as they enter with their own line-up for the very first time.

Through its global connections with leading manufacturers, Integra Energy Group can provide products of the highest quality. Together with its partners at TW solar, Integra Solar is looking forward to a productive and mutually beneficial partnership. The MoU signed for the supply of 100 MW solar panels in the Pakistani market will comprise TW 650W bifacial shingled technology. Integra Solar aims to make Pakistan an eco-friendlier nation with these innovative solar modules. Now let us have a terse introduction of shingled technology.

Shingled Technology

Shingle solar cells are solar cells that have typically been cut into five or six strips. These strips can be layered on top of one another like shingles on a roof to create electrical connections. A flexible electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) joins the solar cell strip strips, allowing for conductivity.

In contrast to conventional solar panels, this enables the cells to be connected in such a way that there are no gaps between the solar cells because no busbars (ribbons) are needed.

Additionally, compared to conventional solar panels, shingled solar modules can be wired differently. Solar cells in shingled panels can be wired in a parallel configuration as opposed to the usual string configuration used in conventional solar panels.

By cutting cells, the smaller currents will aid in lowering “Cell to Module” loss, resulting in greater output. The forefront shingled solar module technology does away with internal ribbon soldering and requires less branch current, which reduces internal resistance and raises module efficiency. The unique parallel design significantly lessens the hot-spot effect, and the exquisite aesthetic design will give you the best visual experience.

Why SHINGLED Panels are Better than Conventional Panels

  • Tongwei’s shingled modules feature higher power of up to 650W with dimensions 2355*1302*30mm.
  • increased efficiency: up to 21.3%
  • Much Lower Bos in comparison to other module, BOS costs save up to 9.7%
  • More electricity gain: up to 1.08%
  • Less Micro-crack risks
  • Improved PID performance and lower LID
  • Longer Warranty with less degradation
  • Elegant and attractive design for installations
  • Their utilization of bracket, pipe pile and cabling are higher, which reduces the construction cost per watt of a power station and, subsequently, the overall cost.
  • Compared to conventional modules, shingled modules consist of a cell cut into strips.
  • In addition to reducing string current within a module, it reduces hot-spot resistance.
  • Lead content is significantly reduced with shingled modules because they use shingled bonding technology rather than solder ribbons to connect.

These solar modules are applicable for household, commercial, industrial, and centralized systems. With Tongwei’s shingled modules, you can expect a longer service life and greater weather resistance. Integra has signed MoU for new shingled modules with high efficiency and bifacial mono-PERC solar panels.


Integra Solar is committed to bringing reliable, top-quality manufacturers, such as Tongwei Solar Co., Ltd., to the Pakistani solar market. We understand the importance of introducing advanced solar technology and high-quality panels to the country, and we believe that domestic and commercial customers will greatly benefit from these innovations. We are passionate about providing Pakistani customers with the opportunity to experience the many benefits of solar energy, and we are dedicated to bringing these benefits through a variety of initiatives. Whether it be through the installation of solar panels on homes and businesses, or through educational programs that teach people about the advantages of renewable energy, Integra Solar is dedicated to bringing the boon of solar technology to Pakistan.

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