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Tongwei Half-cell Module – N-type Product Display

TWMND-72HD565-585W N-type Half-cell Bifacial Module (72)

TW Solar


Tongwei Solar (TW Solar) is dedicated to R&D, manufacture and marketing of core solar products. As the worldwide largest crystalline silicon solar cell production enterprise, Tongwei Solar currently has four bases (Hefei, shuangliu, Meishan and Jintang). TW Solar has been continuously engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and promotion of core products of solar power generation. There are 4 bases including Hefei, Shuangliu, Meishan and Jintang (Tonghe project). TW Solar has more than 13,000 employees. Its capacity exceeded 54GW. With the completion and commissioning of Jintang Phase II of 8GW and Meishan Phase III of 8.5GW, it is expected that the company’s production capacity will exceed 70GW by the end of 2022, of which large size cell production capacity will account for more than 90%. From 2024 to 2026, TW Solar will have a production capacity of 130-150GW.

Lower Operating Temperature, Superior Load Capacity, Higher Conversion Efficiency, Excellent Low-Light Performance, Excellent Anti-PID Capability.


High Power Generation, Low LCOE

Maximum Power up to 585W+

High Reliability

Ultra-low LID


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