High Performance, Affordable Pricing

Installing high efficiency modules to generate more power per m2 is vital. Our modules reach +700Wp, ensuring an outstanding price-performance ratio.

We take pride in our highly skilled workforce. Our European manufacturing expertise is matched only by our complete technical and customer support.

Recom Technology


At RECOM we think differently and we are committed to the mission before us to lessen humanity’s dependence on fossil fuel, overcome global imbalances and halt the degradation of our environment. Renewable sources, ubiquitous and infinitely available, can supply energy evenly to people and communities across continents and regions, regardless of their wealth and social standing, generate growth and help avoid economic and military conflicts around the world—and all this in a clean and sustainable environment.

At RECOM we believe in such a future and are at hard work to make solar energy available everywhere and for everyone. Our aim is to solarize the world energy supply and make clean energy the source for all electricity, mobility and smart infrastructure of the future.

RECOM is the only Bloomberg Tier 1 PV module manufacturer in Europe with sales of over 2 GW solar modules in 90 countries.


Certified by Independent Engineering Bodies

Product Liability Insurance

Ultra High Power Output

15 Years Limited Product Warranty


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