SOFARSOLAR is one of the subsidiaries of SOFAR Group in China and specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of grid-tied inverters ranging from 1kW to 7.5kW (residential), 10kW to 255kW (commercial) , hybrid inverters ranging from 3kW to 20kw and Amass store battery, etc . SOFARSOLAR is currently known to be one of the top 5 string inverter companies found throughout China. After breaking ground and gaining the reputation of being reliable, efficient, and professional, it has now become one of the famous companies in power storage inverters.

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Sofar three-phase dual MPPT solar inverter has the efficiency working module that gives a maximum output power of 10000W. The maximum ac power delivered by the solar inverter model is up to 11000VA. There are two MPP trackers placed in the Sofar three-phase inverter. As being manufactured as the best solar inverter 2021, the model’s MPPT operating voltage range has wide area from 420 V to 1000 V. These are some of the characteristics of this solar inverter model;

  • The maximum output current of delivered ranges up to 15.9 A.
  • The ratio of nominal grid voltage is 3/N/PE, 220V/380Vac, 230V/400Vac.
  • Attached to the grid, according to local standard, the grid voltage range is 310Vac – 480 Vac.
  • The power delivered onward is completely adjustable ranging from 0 to 100%.
  • THDi is likewise less than 3%.

Working Efficiency

Sofar’s best solar inverter 2021 model is able to efficiently convert DC to AC with a maximum efficiency ratio of 98.5%. on the other hand, the European weighted efficiency rate is 98%. The solar inverter model is extremely power efficient having a self-consumption rate less than 1 watt. The MPPT modules integrated in the inverter has a standard of 99.9% working capability.

Protective Features

The Sofar as being one of the top solar inverter tech companies ensure viable endurability, with installed protective features, these are;

DC Reverse Polarity Protection

It is a common problem found in the DC inverter, the sudden reverse in polarity causes damages to the plate. The DC reverse polarity protection is integrated in the Sofar solar inverter that is viable to ensure that the device receives no damage when the polarity is reversed.

Anti-Islanding Protection

This protective feature sense any problem with the power grid—that are; notifying any power outage, or connection problem. In that case of failure, with this protective feature on, the device shuts off the power feeding to grid, and notify the user instantly.

Leaking Current Protection

In the case of leaking current from the device at any site, the device instantly notifies the user and shuts off the device to avoid certain damages and power loss.

Ground Fault Monitoring

The solar inverter is able to check the working of grounding system—in case of faulted grounding any detected, the beeping notification will be helpful for the user to know the culprit.

Other Protective Features

The other protective features integrated in the solar inverter are;

  • PV-array String Fault Monitoring
  • Anti-Reverse Power Function (optional)
  • PV: type II standard, AC: type II standard (Input / Output SPD)

Physical Stature

The ambient temperature range for this solar inverter to work ranges from -30° to +60° Celsius. The structural topology of this solar inverter is transformerless. The degree of protection integrated and workable humidity range is IP65 and 0 ~ 100% respectively. Likewise, Sofar solar inverter Pakistan is able to work efficiently at a maximum altitude of 4000m. The weight of the micro inverter model is 37 lbs.


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