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We understand that every business is unique, and each solar energy project is unique. At Integra Solar, we pride ourselves on creating custom solar energy solutions that fit the specific needs of your commercial building. The cost of energy keeps going up due to changes in oil prices, exchange rate & generation costs. We offer customized solutions for your commercial operations enabling you to save for your business requirements.

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More and more enterprises are benefiting from installing commercial and business solar panels to help reduce energy bills and reduce carbon footprint.

With over a decade of experience in installing business and commercial solar panels across Australia and Pakistan, we’ve provided a vast range of energy-saving solutions to business premises large and small.

To date, we’ve installed over 40MW (600,000 panels) of commercial solar, and have implemented commercial solar systems ranging from 10kw much larger 2MW systems – all on various types of roof structures within many challenging environments.

Commercial Solar Panel Solutions In Pakistan And Australia

Though we’re headquartered in Australia, we’ve expanded our presence to Pakistan. Ever since then, we’ve been delivering outstanding results for a range of organizations across a variety of sectors. Our experience with solar PV in Pakistan means we’re able to help our Pakistani customers make significant savings on their energy bills, cut their carbon footprint, meet their sustainability objectives and secure their energy supply for years to come.

Some of our previous happy customers including Australia and Pakistan – we have installed over 40MW solar PV systems. You can read more about the projects over in our Integra Projects.

Solar Energy Solution for Smart Business

Get your Business Manufacturing plants and Warehouses more energy efficient by converting to Solar energy.

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