Breaking Barriers: Integra Solar Pakistan Signs MoU with LONGi Solar in Landmark Deal

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Breaking Barriers: Integra Solar Pakistan Signs MoU with LONGi Solar in Landmark Deal

Integra solar Pakistan has signed an MoU (Memorandum of understanding) with the world’s leading supplier of Solar PV solutions – LONGi for the supply of 100MW solar panels in the Pakistani market.

The MOU is a significant step in Integra Solar Pakistan’s continuous commitment to provide Pakistan with low-carbon energy and clean air. Founded in 2011, Integra Energy Group is a leading renewable energy company serving the Australian market and now serving in Pakistan.

Integra Energy Group has developed a solid relationship with leading global manufacturers, which can be seen through its high-quality products. After a long successful history in Australia, the ambitions of the Group have now turned to the rest of the world, with the launch of Integra solar in Pakistan as a pioneer.

Integra’s global relationships, history, and reputation have made this partnership with the world’s largest manufacturers possible and have resulted in the company’s global expansion.

One Giant Leap

Integra solar is proud to sign this MOU with one of the world’s largest companies to boost Pakistan’s renewable market. LONGi Solar and Integra Pakistan’s MoU aims to break barriers for a greener future on our planet.

Together with our partners at LONGi, Integra Solar is looking forward to a productive and mutually beneficial partnership. The MoU signed for the supply of 100 MW solar panels in the Pakistani market will comprise 545W Mono PERC and half-cut panels.

Integra Solar is bringing these cutting-edge solar modules to make Pakistan greener.

Mono PERC Panels

As one of the leading new technologies in recent years, PERC has gained mainstream acceptance. Top cell manufacturers are increasingly switching to PERC for parts of their existing in-cell lines.

PERC is short for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell. Sunlight is converted into usable electricity more efficiently by PERC solar cells. Both low light conditions and high temperatures are more conducive to the performance of PERC solar cells than traditional panels.

With PERC technology, a layer is added to the back of a traditional solar cell, which increases efficiency. An ideal combination of rear wafer surface passivation and local rear contacts can be found in a mono PERC solar panel, greatly maximising the amount of light captured by the module.

With these panels, commercial and utility customers can unlock value and accelerate energy production from solar power systems of all sizes.

Mono PERC Panels: Efficiency

A mono PERC solar panels are among the most innovative solar energy generation devices. This solar panel’s energy efficiency has been increased from 22% to 25% using the latest technology. Low-light and high-temperature performance is exceptional.

Compared to conventional panels, they provide a higher energy density per square foot. The anti-reflective coating further enhances efficiency and captures more light by reflecting unabsorbed light back into the solar cell. As a result, more light is absorbed, and more energy generated.

Mono PERC panels are more costly than mono solar panels. However, its enormous benefits justify the cost. A mono-PERC solar panel produces more energy and occupies less space than a standard mono panel.

Half-Cut Solar Cells

Mono PERC half-cut solar modules have solar cells that are split in half, improving performance and durability. In traditional 60-cell solar panels, there will be 120 half-cut cells, while in 72-cell solar panels, there will be 144 half-cut cells.

When solar cells are halved, their current is also halved, so resistive losses are lowered, and the solar cells can produce more power. Compared to traditional solar cells, half-cut cells offer several advantages.

Half-Cut Solar Cell Efficiency

One of the tremendous benefits of half-cut solar cells is their improved performance and durability. Half-cut cells can increase panel efficiency by a few PERCentage points. Due to their smaller size, half-cut cells are more resistant to cracking, in addition to producing better production numbers.

Less mechanical stress leads to less cracking in small cells. A half-cut cell solar module has a higher output rating and is more reliable than a traditional solar panel. This type of solar cell technology may be able to reduce the cost of electricity and improve the payback time.

In addition to being adaptive at sites where shading is inevitable, half-cut cells are also more cost-effective. As compared to similar positioned modules using traditional full cells, modules using half-cut cells will experience less power loss when oriented in a “portrait shading” fashion.

Why Integra Chose LONGi 545W Mono PERC and Half-Cut Cells

Integra chose 545W Mono PERC and half-cut solar cells to help consumers save every ounce of energy possible. It can also maximize net metering benefits in shady areas, so yes, half-cut cells make sense for a country like Pakistan. It is more expensive and challenging to manufacture half-cut solar cells, but they produce higher power than traditional panels.

Mono-PERC and half-cut LONGi panels perform excellently in harsh environments, including coastal areas, hot, humid areas, and in low-irradiance conditions. Power output is outstanding whether it’s dawn, dusk, or cloudy.


Integra Solar is zealous about bringing the best manufacturers, such as LONGi, to the Pakistani solar market.

In Pakistan, domestic and commercial customers will greatly benefit from the flow of technology and high-quality panels into Pakistan. In short, Integra solar is giving an opportunity to Pakistani customers to enjoy the perks of PERC technology.

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