The Use Of Solar Energy In Agriculture

Revolution In The Farming

The Use Of Solar Energy In Agriculture has created a Revolution In The Farming industry. Agriculture farms require an abundant and uninterrupted supply of water for their crops. This supply is organized by the use of high-power tube wells requiring a massive load of electricity.

As the electricity prices increased, so did the electricity bills of the farmers, impacting the cost of their produce. More and more farmers in Pakistan and around the world have turned towards solar energy for powering their tube wells.

Benefits of using Agriculture Solar Solutions

    1. Cost savings
    2. Low maintenance
    3. Increasing self-reliance
    4. Solution to lack of rains
    5. Reducing carbon footprint

Photovoltaic (Solar) Powered irrigation system comprises of PV array and inverter. To avoid operating mismatch, it is important to ensure that the solar inverter is compliant with the installed pump.

Designing your Solar Agri system

Before you install your Solar Agri system following steps should be kept in mind:

    1. Determination of water supply need
    2. Calculation of pumping head (rate of water flow)
    3. Estimation of solar radiance
    4. Finding appropriate solar pump and inverter
    5. Calculation of PV panel required

Concessional SBP Financing for Agriculture

To encourage solar energy production in the country and support local farmers, SBP has extended concessional financing to the Agriculture sector.

Integra Solar aim to bring the lowest Levelized cost of electricity to farmers who are looking to reduce their costs and maximize the profitability of their produce. Our use of high-efficiency panels and inverters ensures maximum energy production and lower electricity bills for customers. Post Sales and Operations & Maintenance services give customers complete peace of mind. This is not all; our remote monitoring enables constant monitoring of system performance. Monthly updates are shared with customers to ensure quality service.

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