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Integra Solar is today one of the world’s leading solar PV companies

From humble beginnings in 2009, Integra Solar is today one of the world’s leading solar PV companies, with offices in two different continents and plans to expand into a third. We exist as a major player in the Australian and Pakistani solar energy markets, and we have been working with partners in Europe and east Asia to ensure that the best and most affordable solar panels are made available to our customers all over the world.


Integra Energy Group has always been known as a Leader in High Quality and New Green Technologies. With an established relationship with the World’s biggest Manufacturers, Integra Energy Group is proud to introduce and further Pakistan’s Renewable Market.


At Integra Solar, our philosophy is sustainability with quality. We aim to provide the highest possible quality of solar products to our customers in Pakistan, just as we do for our customers in Australia. We envision a Pakistan with a booming green energy industry, and clean air for our generations to breathe. Our approach to solar power is educational and we take great pride in assisting our customers and partners, both new and old, with making informed choices as they venture into the exciting new world of solar power. Our after-sales and customer support services are unrivalled across Pakistan, and our service staff takes great pride in their code of conduct, in their mission and in our company’s shared values. Integra Solar is more than just a company. We are a family, and we care about our country. That is why 10% of all our proceeds go to charity and to the welfare of Pakistani society. Join us on our journey to make a better and a greener Pakistan.


At Integra Solar, we believe in transparency, expediency and affordability. We do not expect our customers to have to pay a premium for a healthier tomorrow. On the contrary, our work in Pakistan ensures that we target some of the most climate change vulnerably nations in the world, nations that cannot afford to pay a pretty penny for sustainable energy. Therefore, affordability is our watchword, yet not at the cost of quality. Integra Solar offers a synthesis of these two and we can confidently say that hardly any company, if any, can provide the same level of quality as we can for the prices that we do. Our methods aim to ease the financial burdens on our clients through financing solutions and layout plans optimized for peak efficiency. With Integra Solar, you get what you pay for and we make no compromise on customer satisfaction.

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